So, there are a million and one things to do this Monday morning, but for a moment, I’m just sitting. Watching the golden finches at the feeder through the window, smelling my new rasberry candle, and listening to the smooth lope of Rosco Gordon’s blues. Indulging the senses for just a few before this week kicks into high gear. All I need is a big, juicy glass of red wine to top it off. Come on, 5 o’clock!

We spent the weekend in Monroe with King Pen’s folks, though I drove over to Vicksburg for my sister-in-law’s baby shower Saturday. Sunday, we had an early 5th birthday party for HeroBoy (WAH!!) and got back last night. It was a busy, but fun weekend. I have pics, and will post them shortly.

This week, sewing, finishing BohoBaby business stuff, baking some Thank You bread for our neighbors (who have been so exceptional lately), a haircut tomorrow (whoohoo!), and the Grocery Game, of course. Lots to do, but really, nothing that’s not Life.

I like Life.

I’m happy. I’M HAPPY. I’m glad to be able to write that.

Right this minute, before the top of the sippy cup comes off, and a diaper leaks, and the dryer breaks, and a matchbox car gets flushed down the toilet, Life is Exactly Perfect.

There’s nothing like fifteen seconds of perfection to make the world seem bright.