Morning, all.

Well. I’m sans sewing machine today, because it is off to the repair center to be serviced. I am in mourning. I really hate “losing” a day, and I know it’ll be several before I get it back. But, in the meantime, I’ll cut and iron, which will be nice later on when I get my machine back. I can just get right back to sewing.

Things are going well, if a bit slow. I guess there’s no way around it, getting a business started is a lengthy process. Especially if you have four kids. I’m eager though, to get this thing off the ground!


I’m almost at the end of my fabric supply, which means the hunt begins anew. And I am reminded again, of how very much I LOVE fabric. If I could eat it, I’d gorge myself. There is simply not enough opportunity or time in my life to use all the gorgeous prints I’d like to. Amy Butler, Micheal Miller, Robert Kaufman, Alexander Henry, Moda… oh my! I have literally gotten tears in my eyes over some of the prints. (I realize this is not normal, thank you very much.) The only problem is finding fabric with the 3% lycra that makes for such a nice sling. I can use 100% cotton for the reversible slings, but the lycra is a staple I must have, and struggle to find in cool prints!


I think a trip to Paris is in order. I’m certain I could find what I need there. Any rich benefactors willing to step up and send me on a little excursion to the fashion capitol of the world? No? Aren’t I important to you? Don’t you care if I succeed? Come on, cough up a first class ticket to France. I’ll even stay in a hostel.


Another note about BohoBaby, I have recruited a seamstress! Moriah, at Please Pass the Salt, will be punching the timecard for me when things pick up. It’s fun to have someone to bounce ideas off of, someone to email at 2 in the morning about french seams. You’re gonna see us on Oprah one day, just watch. Hopefully, it will be that episode where she gives stuff away, cause that would be AWESOME.

I have a feeling that Oprah looks really weird in person. Don’t you just get that? They’re doing all kinds of creative makeup and lighting with her face for the camera, but I bet she’s kinda “off” in person.

Okay, enough rambling, I really need to change a dirty diaper. I can’t breathe through my mouth anymore, and you know, the longer you wait, the worse those things get. Gross.

Have a happy Wednesday, folks. Maybe I’ll post again lata.