On several occasions, Czarina has been heard grumbling after being told to do (or not to do) something. So I had a talk with her about it, and let her know that was unacceptable. That she should respond to those moments with a cheerful spirit even when it’s not her favorite thing to do (or not do). That God doesn’t want us to complain, etc. etc. I went on for some time about this, seizing the moment for some spiritual teaching, and so forth. I was quite pleased with the whole thing, actually.

Anyway… so later, when we hit that stressful time of the day, and I was fussing at HeroBoy for the very same thing, and perhaps a little less calmly and logically, because there was a lego lodged in the side of my head and fourteen glasses of spilt kool-aid on the floor- (How DID that happen?), I heard Czarina pop up with some advice for HeroBoy. (apologies for the run-on sentence, btw.)

Czarina: “I’ll tell you one thing I learned today!”

My ears perk up, thinking to hear my words of wisdom from earlier passed down from child to child… and I warmed a bit at God’s grace.

HeroBoy, using his cranky voice: “What?”

Here it comes– oh, the spiritual growth in my children is such a blessing, I am thinking, such a balm to the mother’s heart– then

Czarina, with great conviction: “Do NOT mess with Momma!”

Well. That’s not exactly the lesson I was trying to impart. Maybe I need to rework my delivery.

But hey, if it works, I’ll take it for now.

As a matter of fact, I might have a t-shirt made up with that one.