(but it won’t get you fired)

Ah, misleading titles. Love ’em. No, nothing R-rated in the extended entry. But, I am thinking maybe this post isn’t for the kiddies, so off with ye! I’ll wait.


So here’s the thing. What the HECK is up with romantic comedies these days? They are neither romantic, or comedic. It’s like a bunch of frat guys are sitting around a table thinking up the crassest way to define the female anatomy.

I rented “Good Luck, Chuck”, and maybe it’s my fault for not reading something about the dang thing first. Simply going by the previews, though, I thought it would be cute. False advertisement.

The first half of the movie was basically a music montage for the leading man to sleep with a thousand girls. Seriously. This was porn. How is that okay? Is that just the new norm? They were ALL OUT GOING AT IT. It showed everything but the kitchen sink. And come to think of it, I think I saw a flash of the kitchen sink, too.

I should have turned it off, right then, but I rolled my eyes, and covered ’em up, and figured, okay, let’s get through the gratuitous part so I can watch the rest of this sorry thing. I wish I had followed through on that instinct, though. Should have hit the “off” button right away. I’m ashamed to admit that I didn’t. Next time, I will. It’s not worth it.

Aside from more of the same sprinkled throughout the rest of the movie, the dialogue itself was revolting. I really don’t want to believe men think that way. Say it ain’t so! Because it is BARFABLE, and there’s no other word for it, if they do. I felt a real urge to put on my riot gear, stand one of these characters in front of a brick wall, and turn a firehose on the guy. He was filthy.

And this isn’t the only trash lately that has disguised itself as a romantic comedy. Anybody catch “Knocked Up”? I guess I should have stayed away from it based on plot alone, but I thought it would be a redemptive, funny baby kind of story. Nope. For every mildly funny moment, there was a hugely, embarassing, crude moment. My gag reflex was stimulated way more than my funny bone. This seems to be the trend now, and I don’t get it! Who LIKES this? It’s potty humor at it’s very worst.

I’m sorry, I know everybody seems to love this movie, but I think it all started with “There’s Something About Mary”. Romantic comedies have never been the same.


PS. It’s not just romantic comedies, either. There are a lot of decent shows out there, with interesting plots, good writing, well developed characters, and CONSTANT GRATUITOUS KITCHEN SINK. Nip/Tuck? The Sopranos? Big Love? All shows I have watched, and quit, because you just can’t get away from it. It’s ridiculous. Why don’t they just leave that out? Why push that on the audience all the time? If the story is good enough, you don’t have to rely on the kitchen sink to sell it. What happened to being tasteful?