Man, I am so behind on stuff. I feel like a chicken with it’s head cut off these days! I have so many little details of things swimming around in my head- or not, I guess, if I’m the chicken with no head.

See? I’m mixing metaphors. You know it’s bad when that happens. This may be an indication of permanent drain bamage. (ha)

BohoBaby is coming along, slow and steady. I set up my light studio for taking pictures of each sling. That was pretty fun. I have never been all that interested in photography, but I can see the allure. As an aside, for those of you with photography as a hobby- do you find yourself with a mild urge to wear a beret as your working? Just wondering if that’s normal at all.


It was fun. I have A LOT to learn about that, and really, only a limited amount of time, and cranial space, for extra stuff. So, in with photography, and out with.. um… physics. Haven’t used it in ages anyway. Just taking up space. As a matter of fact, calculus can go, too.

-subject change-

We rented “Stardust” last night- I’ve been wanting to see it for ages. I finally recovered enough from my husband’s “Lord of the Rings” taunting to risk renting another fantasy-themed movie. And, I will confide in you, dear reader, that even King Pen liked this movie. He may not speak to me after that revelation, but it’s true. My man liked this movie. I know because he only made two snide, MST3K-like remarks. If you have ever watched a movie with King Pen, then you know, this is progress. As Dolly mentioned the other day on her blog, it had a “Princess Bride” flavor to it. (And it’s common knowledge that you can’t be a decent human being and not like PB. It’s simply mandatory.) So, go and rent, and be prepared to wish you were Claire Daines again just a little bit. (She’s so loverly.)

Grocery Game update– got my first Sunday paper to clip coupons out of, and I realize, two things. Number one, this is yet another thing for me to obsess over. Yay. But, I could save gobs, so there ya have it. At least it’s a productive obsession. And number two, I like to cut things. I really do. Is that weird? The thinner the paper, the better… and the fact that I have a preference is a bit worrisome. Anywho, I’ll go shopping tomorrow, so I’ll letcha know how it goes.

And lastly, here are a few pics I took, playing around with lighting and whatnot. I shamelessly stole the picture frame idea from Dolly (whom I seem to be stalking these days, apparently). I’m doing the whole family, and if Dolly doesn’t like it, she can just… uh… send me an email. Cause I’m stealing it, and that’s that. I ain’t a’skerred of her. I could take her.

(Sorry, Dolly. This is a direct result of the limited neuro-processing thing I was talking about earlier.)




(By the way, Czarina BEGGED me to straighten her hair, so don’t panic, Mom. The curls are still there. My little comedian dramatically wailed after I had finished, “Oh no!! My curls are gone! That’s where I get all my ideas– now I can’t think of a single thing!” I don’t know where she comes up with that stuff.)

Oh, and here’s a picture of a sling I took in my “studio”.


Fancy, huh?