Boho big logo.jpg

Oh, excited me!

BohoBaby Slings is almost ready for launching! I finally decided to stop dragging my feet with the website, and have instead joined the lovely people at Etsy. I am tweaking photos and whatnot of the ones I have made, and within a day or two, it’s done. I actually don’t have a LOT to put up, because the ones I am making, I keep selling right out to people I know or giving to people as gifts. But I’m plugging away, and it’s on the horizon.

It’s really satisfying to see something through like this. I seem to always have good ideas that sorta peeter out after a while. But this one is actually happening, and I think, I think, I hope, it’s going to be exactly perfect for me.

Next to do: business cards, and some visits to the local baby boutiques in Alexandria. Oh, and this will require some new shoes. Heels. Shiny, new, powerful “I am woman, hear me roar, I bring home the bacon and fry it up, too” shoes.

Here’s a peek at one I did- it’s gorgeous. It’s reversible, with this really cool, funky green and purple print on one side, and khaki on the other. (Lookie- it even has my label!) It is the very thing I’m going for with BohoBaby. Is it working? Do you like it? Would you dig it? Are you groovin’ on it? (Okay, okay, I’ll stop.)

cleo2.jpg cleo4.jpg

So, it’s out there, it’s public, and it’s almost go-time. No turning back now. I’ll post my grand debut in a few days, and you must promise to go check it out, mkay? You don’t have to buy anything, just sit in the audience and wave at me, ’cause I’m nervous. I start licking my lips when I’m nervous, and then they get chapped, and I never have chapstick, but at least they look sort of luscious, except they’re KILLING me, and I can’t really enjoy it—

I also tend to ramble when I’m nervous.

So I’ll stop.

Night, all. See you tomorrow.

*For the record, I am not in love with these labels. But it’s all my lil’ ole budget could swing. When I’m out of the redzone, then new, cooler labels are a must.