Now that we’ve moved far, far away from civilization (just kidding, Pineville. No, no, stop crying, it’s not that bad! Don’t be a baby! Aw, come here.)–


Now that we’ve moved, we’ve left behind my precious Aldi. (Oh, Aldi. I could stop right here and compose an ode to you, but that might be a little insane. And this personification of inanimate objects is really getting excessive.)

So I’ve lost my Bargain Utopia. I’ve gone through the five stages of grieving, and now I think I’m ready to move on with my sales hunt.

My sister-in-law has talked me into trying The Grocery Game. And I’ll be honest, it’s intimidating the heck out of me right now. You have to have a Ph.D in Couponology, which I don’t, and I’m sure I’ll embarass myself royally the first time because of it. BUT, I am willing to learn. I WILL do this, and I WILL save millions of dollars.

Because my family just won’t eat less! They insist on eating, every single day! Don’t they realize how much money I am spending just to fill their hollow legs? It’s like they’re food addicts! It never ends! Couldn’t they at least skip a day here and there? Sheesh.


I’ll let you know how it goes. I’ll clip my first coupons in this coming Sunday’s paper, and hit the stores Tuesday.

This could be the beginning of something beautiful.

Or it could go horribly wrong and I could actually blow up a grocery store with my wily coupon machinations.

(There’s really no in-between with me, is there?)