First of all, to King Pen’s parents, who have done SO much to help us with this move. Letting me stay with the kids over the holidays, babysitting as we house-hunted, letting King Pen borrow the truck, being our “moving crew”, and all the trips up and down getting things settled. Thank you for the couch, the bunkbeds, and the fridge. And, making sure there were groceries in the pantry and gas in the car! You have been such a blessing in our lives, and it seems almost silly to try to express that with words. I can’t even come close.

And now, to the rest of the list.

Aunt Janet, and Aunt Vickie- thank you for coming to help us pack, load, and clean in Birmingham. It would have been a nightmare to do that without help- especially trying to look after the kids, too. Thank you!

Herman and Michelle- thank you for the lovely Peruvian food and the break from loading the truck! We enjoyed your company and miss you already. Thank you also, Herman, for the help loading. It was unexpected and greatly appreciated.

Laura and Jim H.- thank you for putting us up in Alexandria for the night, and for the many small, thoughtful details you’ve attended for us since then. It’s been lovely meeting and getting to know you- your hospitality and warmth was a hearty welcome! Jim, thank you also for moving a truckload of stuff for us. That was great!

Uncle Clinton- thank you for the beautiful furniture. It’s so gorgeous, and I treasure it already! Thank you for driving all the way up and down and all around to get it here. Thank you for entertaining the kids that first day as I got us situated in our new place, and for getting that first load of stuff from the storage building. Also, thanks for loaning us your DVD player when ours was packed up- it was a LIFESAVER.

Mom and Aunt Janet- thank you for babysitting for me, even though you were DOG SICK. I’m so sorry! I do appreciate it, and my carpets are nice and clean because of it.

Mom and Dad- thank you for letting us stay beyond the holidays, for accepting my somewhat random schedule, and helping out with the kids. I know it can be crazy!

Tara- thank you for your impromptu babysitting- I know it was last minute and sorta disrupted your schedule. Thank you for setting two extra places at your table! I know they had fun, and it was a great help.

Jackson, Shelby, and Rachel- thanks for giving up a precious Saturday to help us move! Jackson, the pressure washing was great, everything looks so clean. And Rachel, you are the BEST babysitter. The kids loved you. And Shelby, thanks for the muscle, man. I know we wore all you guys out, and I really appreciate it.

To Rich and Jenny, Gilbert and Cindy, and Sarah and Ryan- thanks for opening up your homes for King Pen during his last days in Birmingham. I know he enjoyed the visit with all of you, and we certainly saved a lot of money on hotels! It was very charitable of you- and we’ll always remember that. Next time you head our way, we want to feed you!

To our new neighbors (who won’t read this, but need to be mentioned also)- thank you for the food, the welcome, and the friendly waves. We’re excited to be here, and I promise, we’ll be good neighbors.

Let’s see… I think that’s everybody. It’s hard to keep it all straight- we’ve had SO much help over this last month. I don’t know how we’d have done it without you guys. Thank you from the bottom of my heart– and come see us soon! We promise we won’t make you babysit or paint or move furniture. ๐Ÿ™‚ If I missed anybody or anything, I promise it wasn’t intentional. I really am grateful for your help, it’s just that my mind is mush after this whole thing.

Enjoy your weekend everybody- back to normal blogging, normal life, on Monday!