Am I blogging?

I am.

Wow. I’m as surprised as you are!

This has been the most insane week, no– MONTH!- evah. I’ve never cleaned/packed/loaded/cleaned again/unpacked/unloaded so hard in my life! But, it’s all (mostly) finished. There are some projects to wrap up this week, but all our stuff is here. Still boxes to unpack, a few walls to wipe down, and we haven’t even touched the outside yet. But it’s home. We’re over the hump, and it’s all downhill from here.

Which is good, because that was about all WonderGirl had in her.

I cannot express how lovely our welcome has been to Alexandria and this neighborhood. We’ve been swamped with kindness, and I can’t wait to make my thank-yous!

Wish this could be more of a post, but honestly, my hands are just too tired. Literally. I’m making my way back to normal life though, so hang in just a little bit longer! I am like the phoenix, rising from the ZZZz….zzzz…