So… exactly how high can you stack boxes? I feel like I’ve got a few leaning towers of pisa around here. May have to do some reinforcement before the kids get home today. My box towers wouldn’t stand a chance against the ninjas, choo-choo trains, cowboys, Power Rangers, and puppies.

Speaking of which, the chirruns are rolling in around 3 today with King Pen’s parents. They’ll be thrilled with the strangeness of living in Box Land for a week! (The kids, not King Pen’s parents.) I think his folks are spending the night with us. They’ll be staying in the Guest Suite, which is conveniently located in the Living Room, with state-of-the-art Air Mattress amenities. It’s the perfect getaway for traveling grandparents! Turn down service available.

And a few hours later, King Pen’s sister and her kids will be here, too. They are staying in a hotel, except for two of the younger kids, who will be bunking here. On a bed of boxes. Then Saturday morning, we’re headed over to Moss Rock Preserve, unless it rains. Which, unfortunately, is likely. But if it doesn’t, we’ll hike and show off one of B’hams hidden treasures. If it does rain, we’ll probably hit the McWane Science Center. Not exactly a hidden treasure. Unless you count the loose change in the ballpit. Which we’ll need, because the tickets are outrageous for this thing! Why must fun be so expensive?

Anyway, that’ll be our Saturday. Everyone is leaving that afternoon, and we’ll get straight to the work of our last week here. Much to do, many goodbyes to say…

Well, I must be off. These boxes aren’t going to move themselves. (Except for that one over there, marked “Creature”. I’m scared of that box. I don’t even know where it came from.)

Okay– Enjoy your Friday, everybody!