There seems to be an endless amount of stuff to do around here. Do you detect that tiny twitch in my eye, the slightly higher-than-normal pitch of my voice? Just a wee bit of panic here, lads and lassies. So, naturally, this is also the time when other troubles start. -sigh- The transmission- ARGH. Yes, the one we just had rebuilt– it’s whining! The nerve! And whining is contagious– see? It whines, I whine. It is under warranty, so it won’t be money out of our pocket, but it just comes at a BAD time. I do not want to have to be worrying with this right now! I guess better now than on the road when we’re moving, though. Honestly, they better fix it right this time.

Anyway, besides that, packing is going well- but a bit daunting. Six people can accumulate a bunch of junk, I tell ya. I’m throwing it out left and right. It’s actually pretty liberating. I mean, who needs a couch? Beds? Chairs? Clothes? Time to let it all go, my friends. Sleeping bags and milk crates in the nude will do just fine. (I may be getting a bit carried away with the whole “purge thy possessions” thing. Or possibly, it’s the delirium kicking in.)

Christmas shopping, mostly done. I am waiting on a few things I ordered online, so that’ll be it. I can’t complain about the shopping though– I’ve had so much fun spending money! I could seriously get used to that! Ha! Not that I’ve gone crazy– but when you’re basically just used to paying the bills and buying groceries, then it makes the Christmas shopping a real treat. Like, how cocaine is a treat.

Trying to get planned and organized for our last week here– we have a lot of social activities next week on top of finishing up the packing. I really don’t want to spend our final days here stressed out- that’s no way to say goodbye. So I’m doing as much as possible now.

Well, I’m wiped. I gotta hit the hay. (Literally– I gave away the mattress.) Night, y’all.