Two and a half weeks till we move… OH.MY.GOSH.

The kids leave Friday for their grandparents house (thank you, Ms. Sue, what ever would I do without you??), and I have a week to get this place boxed up. Yeah, I’m a little bit freaking out. And sad to be going. But excited, too. (I may be developing a bipolar disorder.)

Rental truck is reserved, and storage facility is a go. Now we just have to find a place to live! We’re waiting till the end of Dec. to do that, and hopefully by mid January, we’ll be in a place.

Details, details.

Speaking of which, who wants to watch my kids the evening of Dec 21st while we load the truck? Anyone, anyone?

I love moving at the start of a new year, though. I know 2008 holds many new exciting things for la familia de WonderGirl. Lots of memories to be made with cousins, a promising career for King Pen, and maybe, just maybe… WonderGirl’s verra own house? Wouldn’t it be lovely this time next year to be hanging a wreath on my own hearth? This is at least a step in that direction, and it cheers me to the bone. Bring it on, 2008.

In Christmas news… we’ve got most of our shopping done. Though we scaled back a good bit, I am still excited about the holidays. We don’t buy our kids many toys throughout the year– even if we had a lot of money, I doubt we would. So Christmas is an extra special time, it really is our big moment of the year to splurge on them. I can’t wait to see how excited they are to see what’s under the tree this year.

I really wanted to get us into more of the Advent activities this season, but with moving, it complicates things. Next year though, we will employ more solid traditions that emphasize the birth of Christ, drawing them back to the reason we celebrate this holiday. I mean, obviously, they know… but it’s so easy for them to be distracted from that by such a clear cultural focus on Santa.

Not that Santa doesn’t ROCK. Cause he fills our stockings to the brim around here…

But we all know the Truth behind the trimmings. Just want to make sure that comes through loud and clear with the chirruns.

Well, look, I gotta go. I have so much stinking stuff to do, it’s not even funny! Hope you all have a lovely Tuesday. I’ll try to get on here and post our Christmas tree pix later today. Adios!