I did it! I’ve completed my six weeks of no shampoo! I would like to thank the people at the water company, who so graciously provided me with extra water for thorough rinsing, and my husband, who pretended not to notice the funky days, and my friends and family, whose curiousity outweighed their disgust, and of course, God, who gave me hair to experiment on.

As for now, I will continue to go sans shampoo. I mean, why mess up a good thing? I’m not promising never to use it again, but none for the time being.

So now what? What’s the next big challenge? I feel like I need something. I have to admit, it was kinda fun having a short term objective like that. Go vegan for a month? Stop wearing deodorant? Give up processed foods? Mm. Not likely. I’m open to suggestions, though.


Other news… you know how we were planning to move before Christmas, but then we changed our minds? Well, we changed ’em back. So now we’re moving Dec. 22, which is, oh three weeks away? Yikes. I mean YIKES!!!! What am I doing blogging? *running off in a panic.