Fall has crept up in my backyard, and it’s so pretty. I love the changing of the seasons in B’ham. Although, we have not relinquished Summer altogether– it was so warm yesterday, I wore a tanktop! It felt all wrong, but it was honestly hot enough for it. Today is a bit cooler, though, so maybe we’ll settle into Fall for good soon.

Let’s see… what have I to say this morning? Not much, really. Sorry, guys. You came all this way for nothing! Nada. Zip. Zilch. Listen, I’ll make it to ya, okay? Meet me here, in say…. three hours. I’ll have something for you then, honestly. Something brilliant. Witty. Relevant. On the house, mkay?

How about a picture of a cat before I go? Would that make you feel better? This one amuses me:


Now, see? Better already.

Okay, see you in few… careful out there. Don’t forget your kitty.