Okay, so I’m on Day 15 of No Shampoo, and I have to say, it looks kind of fabulous. No, seriously. I had a rough few days this week, when the back was balancing out, and I was really rethinking this whole hairbrained idea! (OH PUNNY ME!!) But now, well. Lemme tell you. It’s pretty rock’n! It’s thicker, shinier, lusher. Maybe a bit coarser, but I could use some conditioner if I had to. It’s definitely healthier looking, and holds a style really well. Here’s a picture I got King Pen to snap of the back of it:


This hair deserved a night on the town. So, Friday night, I met Dolly and Sarah (no link, because she doesn’t blog, HINT, HINT!) for a coffee catch-up. Afterwards, it was still early, and my hair just wasn’t ready to call it a night. I was inclined to agree. King Pen had kid duty, so I whisked my hair off to the dollar theater just for the heck of it. We got there with time to kill, so I took some random shots. If anyone thought I was weird for taking pictures all by my lonesome, they were quickly distracted by my gorgeomous hair and didn’t say a word.

Check out the boots. How could I NOT take a picture?

Not a bad movie for a buck:

I tried to win Spongebob with the claw game and lost. He didn’t take it well:

Yes, I spread napkins out on my seat. Wouldn’t you?:

Movie ticket: $1. Fountain drink: $18.50:

Me, at a girl movie, missing WonderMom and the WonderSisters:

So that was that.