Friday, thank the stars!! It’s been a doozy of a week. Having a huge kid holiday in the middle of the week can really throw things off kilter. I’m looking forward to a nice, mellow weekend, starting off with a Girl’s Coffee Night tonight, with Dolly and Sarah. Yay!

How about a hair update? Or, how about not. You may not want one this week- it’s been a rough couple of days. I’m on Day 12 of the No Shampoo Experiment. The front of my hair is balancing out, but the back was really heavy and oily this week. Gross. I tried not to put it into a ponytail too much, because I felt like it needed the fresh air. Ew! It’s much more manageable if I blow dry it and straighten it. It’s still also quite cumbersome to wash. It’s hard to get my fingers through it when it’s wet, but I wash it once, sometimes twice a day. Anyway, I had a moment yesterday when I absolutely LONGED for some shampoo in my hair… but I didn’t do it. I perservered. It smells okay. It’s an indefinable scent, I guess it’s more “animal” than normal. More like fur. That sounds just lovely, doesn’t it? Not like stinky wet dog… but like a soft, rabbity fuzzy smell. Yes, I promise a picture… I’ll get King Pen to take one of me tonight before I leave for the Coffee Night. Maybe some dangly earrings will distract you from the questionable ‘do!

Moving right along… I had a bit of a breakdown yesterday. Nothing huge, just a normal, run of the mill, “I’ve-got-four-kids-and-am-I-doing-anything-right?” meltdown. They usually come up on me when the house gets unorganized, and I start to feel overwhelmed by the big picture. I am also battling a cold, and feel worn down physically. I think with moving on the horizon and the holidays and all that, it just all got to me. I have guilt issues, silly ones, and it’s a constant struggle to sift the good, healthy urgings of my conscience from the negative, unhelpful guilt that comes from ridiculous expectations of myself. But this is a whole blog post in itself! I’ll save that one. Anyway, a good cry followed up with some reassurance and a hug from my husband went a long way to fixing it. I feel much better today. Much more in perspective.

Anyway, I’m off for a little while. We’re going to the library this morning, so that means I’ve got to get out of my pjs at some point.

Happy Friday, folks!