What’s up, buttercup? How are y’all getting along this morning? I’m enjoying my coffee, the smell of cinnamon rolls, watching the breeze whipping through the trees outside, and being nice and cozy in my fuzzy robe and slippers. All at once. I may be close to sensory overload! I do love the Fall. There are so many things to titillate the senses!

Okay, I have obtained the greenlight on going public with a very exciting announcement. We wanted to be sure before we told anyone, so we waited a while. We are happy to share the news that we are…


I had you there for a minute, didn’t I? You thought I was pregnant, didn’t ya? No, silly. Four is quite enough, thank you.

No, the news is that King Pen has accepted a position with a firm in Louisiana, about two and a half hours from his folks in Monroe. He’ll start in the middle of January. I have mixed feelings about it. I am VERY excited to be living so close to family– that’s wonderful. We can be at birthday parties, celebrations, emergencies– it really changes that part of our life. The job itself is a dream come true for King Pen. It’s doing exactly what he wants, working for an excellent designer who’s got a stellar reputation in his field. It’s a major career coup! More money, more opportunity, more of why we spent five years in school. King Pen’s talents will be fully utilized with this guy, and that’s huge! I’m really happy for him. And lastly, we’ll be living back in Louisiana, which is where we belong. Louisiana is in our blood, for better or worse. We look forward to the reunion with the state we love.

The drawback of moving is leaving our church. That is just crushing. It’s so bad, we can barely bring ourselves to think about that part of it. We’ve really agonized over it, but as much as we hate leaving, we do think it’s the right thing to do. I’ve never felt so attached to a place before, and I know that when it comes time to say goodbye, I’ll be a mess. I get choked up just writing about it. We’re trusting that God is taking us from one good thing to another, though. And thank goodness for the internet and downloadable sermons– at least we’ve got that.

So, our plan is to load our moving truck on Dec. 21st, drive it to Louisiana, and put all our stuff in storage. We’ll spend the holidays with family, and then King Pen will come back to B’ham Jan 1st. Hopefully he’ll be able to stay with somebody from church (!) so that he can finish off his last two weeks of employment here. The kids and I will stay with family in La, and I can be hunting us a place to live. Hopefully, we’ll be all settled by late January, right in time for King Pen to start up with his new job.

I’ve been DYING to tell you all, but had to wait for everything to solidify. So, that’s our big news.

Oh, and I’m pregnant.