Forgive me for a moment, while I completely lose it. I don’t usually get political, but this just got under my skin and I can’t not write about it.

[Begin Rant]

Pentagon accidentally asked for 1.4 billion dollars more than they needed in a budget proposal to Congress last week. According to the request, the money was for equipment to deal with the growing sniper threat in Iraq. The report stated that sniper attacks had quadrupled in the last year, and would only get worse if not controlled.

Well, thank goodness for USA TODAY, which noticed some glaring inconsistencies between the budget request, and in military reports in it’s possession. Not only are sniper attacks down since 2006, they’ve dropped drastically in the last four months!

Pentagon is calling it a “misstatement”. Where I come from, we call that sucker A LIE. But never fear, because now that they got busted with fraudulent expenditures have realized their mistake, they’re taking action, by removing the term “quadrupled.” Wow.

Dave Patterson, deputy undersecretary of Defense says it will be removed because “…it is simply incorrect.”

Well, thank goodness. I feel better already!

1.4 billion dollars. Sheesh. That’s a bunch of money, y’all. That’s a big oops, but you sure wouldn’t know it by how cool everybody is playing it. Glad to see they’re not too hard on themselves about it. Not like if I’d accidentally “misstated” something on my income tax forms.

I’ve never seen someone slide out of a lie so smoothly. It makes me ill.

As an aside, the 1.4 billion was just a part of a $42 billion supplemental budget. They have, at least, decided to review the report closer to check for any more innocent errors.

Cost of the war on Iraq so far: $464 billion dollars. I can’t even fathom that number, or what we could be doing with it instead. It just seems like our country could really, REALLY use an infusion of it’s OWN money. There are leaks and holes and rust spots in our country. We’ve got poverty and disease and illiteracy and a homeless epidemic. Most of America is struggling to put food on the table and living without health insurance. We have needs HERE. It’s just hard to know that we’re in Iraq, doing who knows what (because you know we have no idea what is going on) for people who may honestly HATE us for interfering in something we barely even understand to begin with. Nobody can really tell us WHY we’re doing WHATEVER it is we’re doing. Am I wrong here? Am I the only one who is this clueless?

It’s thoroughly depressing. I’m so sick of this war, I don’t understand it anymore.

[End Rant]

Anyway, sorry to be a downer. Just needed to get that out. I’ll be back to brighter topics tomorrow, as it is Halloween and we are on the cusp of candy nirvana! I will bury my troubles in caramel.