Top o’the morning to ya, lads and lassies. How’s it going? Mine is off to it’s usual start, except we’re adding a few runny noses to the mix. Comes with the change in the weather, I guess. We’ll be keeping Kleenex in business till April!

So, our weekend is shaping up nicely. King Pen gets off at 2 today, and he’s swinging by the house, and picking up HeroBoy and Czarina. They’re going to wrangle up his Halloween costume (for the office contest) and get a pumpkin for us to carve. Saturday, my aunt is coming in for a visit. Sunday, we have church, and then our Reformation Day party which includes a cookout and a moonwalk for the kids. We will be trick or treating on Halloween, though. I think I’ll write a post on why we do that, as Christians, a little closer to the actual holiday.

Moving on.

November 1st is creeping up on me again, and I’ve decided to give NaNoWriMo another try. I only did it one year, and didn’t get very far at all. I imagine that it will be just as difficult to stick with this year, too, but I’m going for it nonetheless! I actually have a very good story idea, one that I’m fairly in love with, and I didn’t have that last time. I had no clear direction at all. So maybe that will make a difference this go round. We’ll see.

Update on my hair: tomorrow will be seven days with no shampoo. Last night, I did the baking soda paste on my roots, and that tidied them up a bit. My scalp kinda hurts though! Girls, you’ll know what I’m talking about- it’s like I’ve been wearing a ponytail all day long and I’ve taken it out. I can’t imagine why. Maybe because the glands aren’t being stimulated like normal? I know in the past, when I’ve fasted, my teeth have hurt– like they need a certain amount of “work” or they start to feel weird. I don’t know. Just thought it was worth noting. It’s still very thick, but not horribly unmanagable. It’s not too bad, all told. My “flyaways” are much better, too. It smells strangely “earthy” though, and by that, I do not mean “disgusting”. It’s more of an absense of smell… like not fruity, or flowery– no extra fragrance from hair products at all. We’ll see what happens. I don’t know that I want to give off an “earthy” aroma. That’s dangerously close to “gamey” or “oh-my-gosh-what-died-in-here?!” Nothing will stop this experiment faster than a funky smell coming from my head. Right now, it’s okay. I’m sure my very honest children will let me know if I start smelling like a dead horse.

Well, I have things to get to. I’ll blog later, after the day gets settled in some.

Happy Friday, folks!