Well, I was going to TRY to squeek by without having to include pictures during this whole Shampooless Experiment. But you’re not gonna make it that easy on me, are ya? Cruel, dear readers. Cruel. Oh well. It won’t be the first time I’ve humiliated myself on the internets. You can put away your puppy dog eyes now. You win, you scalawags.

Let’s start out on a good note. Here is a picture from Saturday, where my hair is shiny and fresh and smells like lilacs. And look at HeroBoy- he’s obviously enjoying a clean mummie.


Don’t I look happy? Blissfully ignorant of the scary hair to come? I remember that girl. She didn’t know how good she had it. Oh, to be her again.

Tomorrow, I will post the first in the what I will call “The Shame Collection”.

This was just a GREAT idea.

By the way, I need a catchy name for this thing… “No ‘Poo” just doesn’t sit right with me.