Okay, here’s the why: “according to the theory, if you wash your hair with plain old water for six weeks, it will reach a state of natural balance and look and smell awesome. You never need another haircare product ever again. It’s supposed to be softer, shinier, and sweeter, just like the good Lord intended.” A more scientific explanation can be found here.

I’ve been putting this experiment off until the weather was cooler, because it seems less gross that way. So Saturday was the last day I used shampoo. And the status so far… WHAT THE HECK AM I THINKING? Ew. My hair is flat and oily. That’s not unexpected, I realize I’ve embarked on the Bad Hair Month. I just hope my vanity can withstand it. Thank goodness for ponytails and ballcaps! If I can hang in for two weeks, I think that’ll be the worst of it. (Please-oh-please.)

Anybody up for joining Team Shampooless? We can get jerseys! We can call each other in tears when the neighbors start whispering about us! We can hide our heads under matching doorags! It’ll be fun! Anyone? Anyone?

I didn’t think so. That’s what I get for hanging out with sane people.

That’s okay. Six weeks from now, my hair will win the Nobel Peace Prize, so it’s all good.