Bad things happen at my house when you don’t wash clothes for four days.

No, I’m not on strike. (That hasn’t happened since the Incident of ’04. Don’t even ask.) No, it’s our washing machine. It stopped spinning on Saturday, and King Pen has been hard at work on it, but no luck so far. So, we’re off to the laundry mat today. The situation is dire. There are dirty clothes everywhere, and clean clothes no where! Czarina has to wear her ballet suit today. HeroBoy is in his halloween costume. I’m wearing an old bridesmaid’s dress. The Duke is in pjs, and Chipmunk… well, I’m just glad it’s a warm day, ’cause he has to go naked. I sure hope DCFS doesn’t happen by our menagerie today… I’d have some ‘splaining to do.

In other news, I had to borrow the proverbial cup of sugar from the neighbors this morning. I stumbled to the coffee pot and put my Starbucks beans to work, only to remember afterwards that I was totally out of sugar. I was not a happy camper. I really needed it, superbad. I’m not ashamed to admit it, cause now they say it’s healthy for you. Anyway, sugar is a must for me, so off I send my little courier, complete with bedhead and slippers. Thank goodness for lovely neighbors! Yay for furthering an ancient tradition! And whoohoo for coffee!! (Maybe that’s enough for WonderGirl, yeah?)

Also to do today… buy diapers, sugar (!), and go pay the electric bill. I know, it’s exciting, isn’t it? Please, don’t be so jealous. Maybe one day you, too, can live the life of a highroller like me. It’ll happen, just be patient. Until then, you can live vicariously through me.

Well, I should get started. This fun won’t have itself! Have a good day everybody, and I’ll catch you later.