I’m trying to love my early morning run, I really am. And it is nice to see the moon wrapping up the night shift, getting ready to go off duty. To see the sun mosey in for the changing of the guards.

But 5:45? Eek. It’s tough! I’ve managed to stumble out the door, bleary-eyed and kinda cranky, several times this week, though. It’s that or nothing, there’s just no other time to go. And there’s only so much “give” in my stretch denim jeans! It’s time to take action. My ankle has finally healed up enough to get back into gear, so here we go. And not a minute too soon. I refuse to relinquish my best pair of American Eagle jeans, even if they DO have a hole in the knee. That hole is cool, and you can’t convince me otherwise, so don’t even try, Ma.

And in this whole new better me revolution, I also decided to cut back on the Diet Dr. Pepper’s. Let’s observe a moment of silence. I’ll admit, my addiction had gotten way out of hand. I can’t even tell you how many I was drinking. It was unnatural. There really should have been an intervention of some sort. Where were you people? Don’t you care about me? Didn’t you see that I had a problem? STOP ENABLING ME! Ha.

Hm. I’m kind of delirious tonight. I think because I am just wiped. I’ve been so “on” this week– I’ve been doing all kinds of stuff with the house and kids and I’m fried- fuh-RYED. As a matter of fact, I’m gonna hit the hay right this minute. It’s done time.

I’m shutting up now, sorry.

Hope you have a good night- and I’ll hop on here in the morning, after my cuppa. Sweet dreams, butter beans.