Hullo Friday, you big hunka burning love. I’m happy to see you.

Our weekend is blissfully empty, and I think we need it. I’m looking forward to an unscheduled couple of days. I’d like to get to the library, go for a run, sleep in… everything I want to do and nothing I don’t! Lovely! Maybe a tad unrealistic as well, but let a girl dream, yeah? Whatever we end up doing though, I am just glad we’re not on the road or on the clock.

This week has been good, much less stressful due to implementing a few changes in our evenings. Here’s what we’re doing:

First, I planned all our meals for the week on a calendar. That way, I bought what I needed ahead of time, and I could start preparing it early in the day. By 5ish, dinner is cooked and waiting. At 5:30, I get the kids in the bathtub. While they are contained in one space! bathing, I put in the Bach cd, stick Chipmunk in the highchair with some Cheerios, and vacuum, sweep, pick up toys, and set the table. I get the kids cleaned and dressed and send them to straighten up their rooms while I get dinner on the table, and feed Chipmunk. At 6:20, King Pen walks through the door to a surprisingly calm household, and we sit down to eat. Afterwards, we clean up, sombody bathes Chipmunk, and then we spend some family time together… play a game, read a book, something quiet. It’s been FABULOUS. I’m SO glad to find a solution to what had become a rather hectic, unenjoyable battle. I have to link to this post (thanks for passing it along, Moriah!!) for the motivation to get our evenings together. It’s made a huge difference in our week.

Well, I don’t have much else to add at the moment – I need to get lunch made for the kidlings. Hope you all enjoy your weekend, and I’ll blog ya later.