Top o’the morning to ya, laddies! How are we today? Everybody up and ready to go? I’m working that second cup of joe, and it’s got my brain buzzed up a bit. (That’s a disclaimer for the rest of this haphazard post.)

I went to bed last night with the most ferocious neck and headache, but it is mercifully gone this morning. I slept so good- it was one of those that even as I was sleeping, I knew how good it was. I’m in the middle of a dream, during which I find out quite suddenly that I am pregnant again- (AHHHH!!), and I have a little sidenote… Hey, I am sleeping GREAT!! Oh yeah, oh yeah… then I realize I am now having my fifth baby and I’m back to crazy dreaming again.

Rambling on.

Today should be pleasant. Yesterday was a bit wild, but today, we’re back to normal schedule. I’m introducing some new elements to our life that are hopefully going to smooth out some of the normal, daily chaos. It seems lately that the kids are getting wilder. Less still. More rabidly raccoon-like. That’s to be expected because they’re getting older… but I still need to be able to control the situation. I don’t mind them playing, but there are moments that need to be peaceful and enjoyable for everybody, kids and grownups alike. We’re going to try transitioning them to some activities that are quieter, calmer, at certain points of the day. We’ll see how that goes. It’s hard to play Candyland with wild monkey-children.

Good stuff for the day- Bionic Woman comes on again tonight, so that’s something nice to look forward to. (You know I can’t pass up a genetically or robotically enhanced femme fatale/ government agent show! Boy, do the networks have me pegged!) Also, it’s play-do day! We’re making our own in school, and the kids have been eager for it all week. Excellent photo op. I’ve been so lax about pictures lately… gotta be better about it. Now that the weather is getting cooler, I plan to take some good Fall shots, too. Oh the plans I have!

But I can’t get to any of that if I sit here much longer in my pjs. I’ll hop on later, minus my pink fuzzy slippers, and check in with all you guys then. Hope you all have a lovely Wednesday!

*I am not going to refill my coffee cup. Nope. Not gunna do it. Well, maybe I’ll just top it off… just to warm it back up.