Good morning!! Just thought I’d throw that out there, since I could!! Aaahh… coffee and internet access. Best way to start out the day!

So, today’s To Do List:

Bake bread.
Prepare babyshower gift and game.
Sewing project.
Make a few phonecalls.

Plus, just the general housework of the day and whatnot. So, a busy day, but a good one. I just LOVE the smell of homemade bread throughout the day. The recipe I use makes three loaves, so I keep one, freeze one, and give one away. It’s a good system.

I have realized lately that I’ve got to kick up my organizational skills. I keep missing birthdays and important dates, and I hate that. I need a good wall calendar. Plus, I need to do something to make our evenings smoother. Dinner is the hardest part of the day for us, but I want it to be the nicest, since it’s the one meal we share with King Pen. As soon as he walks through the door, it’s chaos until the last kiddo is in bed. I have to figure out how to reduce the stress for that 2 hour period. I have been letting the kids play outside too late, I think. I need to get them inside and bathed before dinner- that would help.

Anyway… just thinking out loud.

Okay, my coffee is cold, and it’s time to get to the day. Take it easy, cheesy. I’ll blog lata.