Oh the luxury of blogging! Right this instant, when I want to! I will not be taking this for granted anytime soon, I can tell you that.

So now that I have this unlimited freedom to write again, I am not sure where to begin. Maybe a rundown of the weekend? Yeah, let’s start there. Friday, one of King Pen’s coworkers volunteered to watch the kids for a few hours so we could go out. You can bet your sweet patootie that when somebody offers to give us a night out, we are sure gonna take it. So we got the house tidy, kids fed and bathed, kissed ’em goodnight, and we hit the bowling alley. I can’t even REMEMBER the last time I bowled. Sadly, that was evident on the scoreboard. But, I had fun, and King Pen was finally able to put to use that “lesson” they had when he was homeschooled and the professional bowler came to speak. Ah, the joys of choosing your own curriculum! Ha!

After bowling, we tore up a pool table … oh, who am I kidding. We didn’t tear it up. We didn’t rock it. We didn’t it set it on fire, either. I’m not even sure it was aware we were playing on it at all. But fun was had, and that’s the important thing. Yup.

Then, Saturday morning, the kids had a birthday party to attend. They jumped themselves silly on a big, bouncy choochoo train, and ate cake shaped like a bass fish. Only in Alabama, people. We wrapped up the day with a trip to the grocery store, a jaunt to the creek, and some hot, homebaked empanadas from our Peruvian neighbors. It was a good day.

We had to be at church early today because Czarina’s choir sang in the service, so that made things interesting. Sunday mornings are a madhouse around here, but we managed to get there on time. Miracles DO happen.

After church is over every Sunday, we all usually hang around talking for a while, visiting. I was chatting with a friend, and there was a pause in the conversation. She looked out at the crowd and sighed happily. “I just love this church,” she said. And I knew exactly how she felt. I’ve been in a lot of good churches, where the teaching is solid and the people are nice. But this place… it’s hard to explain. There is genuine love for each other, and love for Christ’s church as a whole. It’s a tangible thing that you can see enacted in their lives every week. And the preaching- it’s honest. That may seem like a small thing to say, but in this day and age, honest preaching is rare. Strong. Life altering. Satiating. And when it falls on receptive ears… wow. I love to see pulpit truths rippling out through the lives of the congregation. It’s a beautiful thing.

Besides all those good things, the fact is, there are just a lot of intelligent, funny, friendly, and interesting people in our church- people I really want to be around. Friends, that feel like family. I don’t mean to go on and on about it, but it’s a real blessing to have that in my life. I am genuinely happy to be in this church on Sundays, worshipping with these people. I look forward to it every week.

So that was a bit off topic, but oh well!

This week, I am hoping to be very slightly more productive than normal. (Hah) Besides schooling, I’d like to take dinner over to a neighbor who just had a baby, I need to get some sewing done, a baby shower to attend, and some other odds and ends I’ve been meaning to get around to. I’d LOVE to go running, too, if my ankle will allow. I sorta turned it again bowling the other night– grrr– so we’ll see. I am going to be bizzay.

Well, my evening is winding down, still a few things to get to before I turn in tonight. Just wanted to get a running start on my blog, hit the updates so I can get to actual blogging tomorrow… I am SOOOO THRILLED to be back in the saddle again!