A few moments to write, and I don’t know where to begin! So much has been going on lately, relatively speaking. We’re busy, but it’s more than that. A lot of rearranging in my head. Taking stock of things, getting my priorities straight, and all that rigamaroll.

I miss blogging. An upside though, my journal is fuller than it’s ever been. I’m not really keen on the pen and paper thing, because I am too fond of my backspace key, but it’s nice to see blank pages filling up. Besides writing journal style, I’ve been thinking about writing in general. Organizing some ideas in my head, figuring out what I want to say and why. I think that’s my biggest hang-up at times. What worthwhile thing do I have to convey? It’s there, I know it, it’s just a matter of grabbing hold of it and giving it a good shake.

Czarina is seven today. She’s such a beautiful person… She’s kindhearted and gentle, goofy, but bright. She has an emotional sensitivity to others far beyond her years. I’ve never known a kid with a bigger heart. I’m so proud of her and who she is. I thank God for this day seven years ago when she came into my life and changed it forever.

More to say, more life to share with you guys and the clock ticktocks. -sigh- You only get an hour at the library, and that doesn’t go very far. In computer news, it’s at the shop, and we await the verdict. Could go either way. I need it to go the good way, so keep your fingers crossed, yeah?


Some wonderful news- I’m happy to report that God has been merciful to my brother and he is not going to jail. This is HUGE. He’s going into a longterm treatment program, and this time, he’s going in with a motivation unlike any he’s had before – fatherhood. There is nothing quite like knowing you’re going to be a parent to open your eyes. Pray for him, that as wonderful a motivation as parenthood is, that ultimately he will depend on God alone for strength. It was miraculous that he wasn’t incarcerated, seriously – and I know God isn’t done with him yet.

Okay, what more? I have this checklist in my head of things to blog about, but I’m forgetting them left and right.

Britney Spears- poor gal. But I’m too late for that train, huh? You’re all over it. I missed my chance. Luckily, I’m sure she’ll provide me another opportunity pretty soon.

Congrats out to my sil, who just had their third child, Layla. How cute a name is that? Happy for you, Amy. Can’t wait to see her. Hope you’re feeling better by the minute.

Oh, and hey, I turned 32 on the eleventh. I recieved special gifts from each of the kids, which was cute. I haven’t decided where to put the dollsized tea set yet, but I know it will come to me soon. They were all very sweet, and Czarina called me “the birthday girl” all day, which was fun.

We’re going to Vburg for my cousin’s wedding this next weekend. Congrats Laura and Adam! There’s also something else going on that I can’t be specific about, but it could mean some changes for casa de Wondergirl. How’s that for vague and enigmatic? I know, you hate me. I’ll reveal once I have the green light on that one. Anyway, this means a roadtrip, which means I’ll spend most of the week trying to keep the laundry under control and all the kids injury/disease free. Duct-tape, that’s all I have to say.

Egads, six minutes left! Boo.

Okay, I guess on that, I should end. I’ll try and write again soon, but you know how it goes. Just look for me when you see me coming.

Have a lovely week everyone, and enjoy the first signs of Fall. (Really, especially if you live in the South, because you know it’s going to be over by Thursday.)