Rumors of my demise have been greatly exaggerated. I’m still around, yo. I’ve just been busy, lazy, stressed, bored, overwhelmed, a little bit drunk, out of the country, washing my hair, or one of these other excuses:

Spending more time with my blender.

Waiting for my karma transplant.

Building a pig from a kit.

Detecting a disturbance in the Force.

Going through cherry cheesecake withdrawal.

Pending my patent.

Waiting for the grunion to run.

Converting my calendar from Julian to Gregorian.

Touring China with a wok band.

Reading a book called “Glue in Many Lands” that I just can’t put down.

Helping a friend fold road maps.

Trying to be less popular.

Being traded to Cincinnati.

Observing National Apathy Week.

Rotating my crops.

So you see, I have been extremely occupied as of late, and well, there you have it. I’m sure you understand. And now, I have to…uh… go… over there.

(aw, poor readers. So mistreated. I’ll be back, I promise. Just taking a wee sabbatical… don’t go too far!)