Well, we’re off to a rockin’ start today. Yesterday’s sprained ankle is indeed ugly. It’s a little bigger than a tennis ball, which is something else considering my ankle is pretty scrawny to begin with. And sweet fancy moses, it hurts! I was really hoping I’d wake up this morning and it would be all better. I need it to be all better. -Sigh-

I was running around the track, and hit an uneven patch where the sidewalk intersects with the track, and I rolled right over my foot. I didn’t fall, luckily, but I hit the ground nonetheless because of the pain. I sat there a few minutes, trying not to throw up! I was shocked! I finally collected myself enough to get back to the car, and very gingerly drove myself home, since it’s my right foot I hurt.

Well, as it happened, our electricity was out because a transformer blew earlier in the day, and it was chaos coming home, and I forgot ALL about desperately needing some groceries for the next day. I elevated and iced my foot for the rest of the night, and poor King Pen had to do everything. I always feel terrible when that happens, because I know what a job it is handling all four of our precious angels. (!)

Anyway, so groceries were forgotten, until this morning, when the kids got up and we remembered there wasn’t a poptart to be found, nor milk, nor juice, nor bread.

So, King Pen is late for work because he had to run to the store. I’m layed up on the couch, hurting and cranky. I took some tylenol, so that should kick in soon. But it’s more about the inconvenience of it all. I need crutches, but I’ll get along without them. Hopping on one foot isn’t too bad because our apt. isn’t huge. But I can’t tote the baby. Czarina is going to have to do that for me. Erg. And the house is a wreck, and I had planned to wash laundry today because the kids are going with King Pen to his folks house tomorrow. I think I can get to most of it, at least the laundry, but it’ll be tricky. And my sling biz will have to halt for a day or so, since this is my sewing foot. (Ha- that amuses me)

This is my upcoming (and extremely RARE) weekend to myself, to do various and sundry things, and it’s looking pretty unfun at the moment.

But, before I send out formal invitations to my Pity Party, I am encouraged that it SHOULD start feeling better in a day or so, right? The healing time on a sprained ankle is pretty fast, from what I hear. Maybe no running for a week but if I can walk on it by the weekend, I’ll be happy.

And, when you’re laid up on the couch, at least there’s nothing to do but work on the computer!! That ain’t sounding so bad.

K, I’m off for a while to check my email and uh… yeah, just browse the net aimlessly.

More later!