I passed the point of exhaustion about fifteen minutes ago. Now I’m in a full blown delirium. I think I’m actually writing this during a blackout. I’ll have no recollection of it at all tomorrow morning.

I’m. so. tired.

Started out early with a speech evaluation for HeroBoy (7:30 am, people. What kind of whack society is this?). Then we met some folks at the zoo at 10:30, and stuck it out until the unholy hour of 3 pm. Five hours of zoo time is like thirty in normal time. We dragged ourselves in the door this afternoon, smelling like goats and duck food, and crashed out.

I worked on the text for my business site for the rest of the day, and now here I am at midnight, again, wondering just what in the blue blazes I’m still doing up. Somebody, pleaseeee- make me go to bed!

Good news though… my labels, and fabric are speeding their way to me as we speak. My website is gonna look AWESOME. I’m lining up models for a photo shoot (er, that would be with me as photographer, with my trusty canon powershot camera). I’ve got info on the business license, but holding off on that until something else resolves itself. I’ve got an assistant seamstress (shout out to my sister, Ashley the Fabulous). I’ve got “idears”, big dreams, no time, lotsa anxiety, low funds, but a weird sense that this is all gonna work out just smashingly. (and I’m pretty sure I just invented that word. Blame it on the delirium.)

Anyway, I’m going to try not to let all this affect my frequency or quality of blogging, but that’s a tall order. This part of it is just so time-consuming. Until I get it rolling, it’s going to require a lot! I apologize in advance for the lame, disorganized and probably sporadic blogging ahead. Can we still be friends if I don’t write every single day? Or is your love for me conditional and superficial?

Of course it isn’t. This is real love, baby. And I can tell because you are STILL reading this mundane entry.

Okay, I gotta get. Or I’m gonna keel over right here and now. Have a happy… uh… middle of the night. I’ll see you in the a.m.