I saw this movie once as a kid about a magic stopwatch that paused time. You just click it, and everything freezes but you. (I can’t remember the name of that movie, to my eternal irritation!)

Anyway, I need to get me one of them doohickies.

There are so many things I want to do, need to do and so little time to do them. But this is nothing new, is it? Everybody feels that way. I think back to my pre-kid days, and I wonder what the heck I did with my time! I think I slept a lot. I remember Saturdays, and I wasn’t out of the bed before AT LEAST eleven o’clock – sometimes all the way till one in the afternoon. Why did I need that much sleep? I need sleep NOW. Not THEN!

Now, I can’t even remember the last time I slept past eight o’clock. And I STILL can’t manage to do all the things I’d like (and need) to do. Right now, the business is eating into most of my free time – and some of my not-so-free time, too. (Thank goodness for paperplates. Seriously.)

I hope that soon I can get a grip on things though- before school starts. I don’t want to be so busy that I feel guilty for sitting down for more than five minutes! Life’s too short, yeah? It’s to the point that I am laying in bed trying to go to sleep, and all I can think of is my internal To-Do list. Driving me nuts!

But anyway.

Lots going on in the next few days. My aunt is in town for a visit. Chipmunk has a doctor’s appointment and shots on Monday. (Boo.) Tuesday, HeroBoy has a speech therapy evaluation, and then we have a zoo picnic. Plus, gobs of sewing and website design and whatnot, plus helping a distant relative with some genealogy research. AND sometime or another, I’ve got to start getting my homeschool stuff together. I mentioned to King Pen the other day, that I am feeling the need for a solo weekend pretty soon to tackle some of these tasks. He’ll probably take El Kiddos to his mom’s house so I can knock it all out sometime in the next month. It’s just so hard to stay focused when all these knuckleheads are running around! Love em, but they are masters of distraction (and destruction for that matter).

Well, I’m wiped. I’m turning in before I fall asleep on the keyboard. Have a good night, all.

PS- I’ll get to those pictures I’ve been promising everybody tomorrow, I promise. I haven’t forgotten!