As I’m researching and preparing to start this business, I am increasingly aware of copywrite infringement. It’s a tricky thing! I definitely want to be on the up and up with everything. People have worked hard on their own designs and businesses, and they deserve the rights to their efforts. I realize that early on, I made a bit of a faux paux when I said I was referencing the hotslings sizes. Yeah, can’t do that. Soon after I wrote that, I changed my mind about it, because it’s simpler to do S,M, L for labeling purposes. But, still, I just wanted to correct that mistake publicly so you guys would know that I DO want to respect the system.

It’s complicated, I tell ya! I hope not to make any major mistakes along the way, but this is a learning process for me. I’m sure I’ll have to take a few bumps before I get the hang of it.