48 to go. -sigh-

Speaking of slings, I had Chipmunk in one today as I did some housework. The Duke, who clings to his babyhood with an irongrip (not that I’m complaining), came up to me holding a towel, gesturing that he, too, would like to be “slung”. Sad little fella. I do put him in one occasionally when he seems to need the extra attention, but I can’t double ’em up (and I don’t use towels either, by the way). My superpowers don’t extend that far! Anyway… he was pitiful, but a popsicle soothed the rejection a bit. I thought it was cute that he found a piece of fabric that he thought would work, though.

*yawn* I need to go to bed.

But before, I do, let me beg for your genius, your wit, your highly sophisticated taste. I need a catchy name for my biz. Everything cool that I’ve thought of is taken already! So, do offer your thoughts.

K, I’m out. Nighty night, bed bugs and *yawn*…