Good morning all! How are you? I am fabulous. I am so happy to be checking my email and bloglist over my cup o’joe that I could just expire. How sad is that? It’s like I won the lottery.

So, I mentioned last night that we’ve got strep throat around here. Well, everyone who has it is medicated, and so far I haven’t seen any signs in anybody else, so maybe we’ll get lucky. We’re feeling better, the sun is peeking through some clouds this morning (literally and figuratively), and I am ready to get back in the game again.

Which is good, because I think I put on five pounds this week in stress eating. A sore throat doesn’t slow me down, no sirree. I’ll puree those snicker bars if I need to. I’ve GOT to get myself back on the running track again! It’s a lot harder to exercise these days than it was after my last pregnancy. Life is crazier with four kids than three. I’m not complaining, but holy mackerel, it’s an uphill battle to get out of here in running shoes. I think I’m going to have to bite the bullet and start getting up at five and doing it before King Pen leaves for work. I’m just not one of those people, though. Guess I might need to BECOME one though. Just the thought of it makes me cranky.

Maybe things will get better after everyone is well again.

Anyway… what else?

I have soooo much to catch up on now that things are getting back to normal. The house is a wreck, laundry is piled sky high, and the kids all have cabin fever. Besides all the chores, I need to get them outside and run them around a bit. The library, the park, the pool- you name it, they need it. And though I feel better, I get a little tired just thinking of all that stuff!

I’ve decided we’re going to start a strict regiment of vitamins/minerals/acupuncture once this is all over. It seems like we’ve been sick ever since Christmas with something or another! I’m ready for a well family again. And if I have to poke ’em with needles to make it happen, well, that’s what I’ll do. I’m sure it’ll be a big hit. I bet they get sick a lot less. Ha!

Well, I’m rambling a bit, do forgive. Just happy to be back! I’ll be on later – but now I need to tackle the job ahead of me. Have a good day everybody.