Oh yippie! I’m back, I’m back, I’m back! And it only cost me an arm and a leg. (And a kidney. Thank goodness for the black market. My liver is gonna put my kids through college!)

So, didja miss me? C’mon, you know you did. Don’t act all nonchalant. Aww, you’re blushing! It’s so cute. You missed me * You missed me* na na na nana na.

-contented sigh-

I am so unbelievably happy to be back online, with a computer that doesn’t suffer from narcolepsy. What a treat! And just in time, too. I was beginning to worry for my sanity. We’ve had a rough couple of days. Strep throat dropped in on us expectedly, and didn’t take our not-so-subtle hints to go the hell home. (‘scuse me. A buck into the swear jar.) King Pen, HeroBoy, and I have it, and we’re all taking antibiotics. Hopefully nobody else will come down with it, but I am not overly optimistic on that count. We’re a kissy bunch. I’m sure the germs have made the rounds.

I want to do a proper update, but I am just too tired tonight. Strep really wears you down, and I need to get some rest tonight. I will write tomorrow, but just wanted to revel in internet connection for just a minute. Sweet dreams, butter beans. See you in the a.m.