Rain, rain – don’t go away!!

Every day, we have a teaser thundercloud roll in, make a little noise, and then leave again without so much as a howdy-do. It’s disheartening.

It’s curious, isn’t it, how we long for rain even when it doesn’t affect us much physically? I mean, I’m not a farmer. My cotton isn’t suffering. I don’t have much of a yard, so my grass is okay. My well’s not dry, my car’s not terribly dirty, and I’ve got plenty of drinking, washing, and bathing water.

But still, the drought gets to me.

I miss the smell of rain, the sound of it. I wish for puddles and splashes and umbrellas. We are creatures of water, dependent on it running into the soil beneath our feet, and past our lips into our earthly forms. We need rain in the most primal way. Without it, we are dead. When the skies are dry, I think the animal in us trembles.

(Ah, let no one say I am not melodramatic!)


Yesterday we had a quick downpour, and there was almost audible relief from the parched earth outside. Ahhhh… The dirt gulped it down and then it was gone – as if it’d never come at all. You could almost hear “more, more” from the trees and grass.

I’m considering an old fashioned Rain Dance. With spins and stomps and waving of the hands. Let the heavens open wide!