I finally edited ALL my pictures and now they are ready to go up. But I’ll get to that tomorrow, too tired tonight.

And besides… I have something much crazier to blog tonight before I go to bed.

There is a guy in the building opposite us that King Pen and I have both talked to on occasion, not often enough to know his name or anything. Just neighborly friendly, ya know. Anyway, one of his two little girls is around Czarina’s age, and they’ve played together in the pool and the playground (not alone, but with us there). So, we have a passing aquaintenceship.

Well. It just goes to show that you don’t know what is going on behind closed doors. Apparently, some time yesterday, he got into a fight with his girlfriend in their apartment, and he killed her. Then he killed himself. No joke.

A maintenance guy discovered them tonight when the girlfriend’s sister convinced him to check the apartment. She hadn’t been able to get in touch with her sister, and she knew something was wrong. She was screaming across the street when they found the bodies.

They are still over there right now. We can see the police tape, the lights on as the detectives work the crime scene. It’s very surreal, and I can see it from my steps.

This is not a crime-riddled neighborhood. It’s not the kind of place you expect something like this to happen. And I think that makes it even scarier.

Anyway, remember the daughters that are left in the wake of this terrible event. Say a prayer for them, because I’m sure they need it. And pray for this neighborhood, which has been shaken by unexpected violence. It’s hard to know that death is a few doors down tonight.

That’s all for this dark evening. More to say in the brightness of morning. Sleep tight, all.