I am sitting at my in-laws house at the end of the day, hair still wet from the pool, kids sleeping upstairs, and a long enjoyable week ahead. The drive in wasn’t terrible, Chipmunk cried intermittently but Czarina lended a hand when needed. The boys watched SpongeBob in the backseat until the battery to the DVD player zonked out on us. They all napped off and on, and I can’t complain.

We met my mom and sister for lunch as we drove through Vicksburg, and made it to Monroe around three this afternoon. The kids played outside, and I sat on the porch swing rocking the baby, and singing songs with my toddler. The afternoon was golden and green, propped up by tall corn and sunlight. The breeze blew in dragonflies and the smell of freshly cut grass. It was the kind of afternoon that makes you sigh contentedly, glad to be exactly where you are.

Tonight for supper, we had the best of the summer spread… roast and rice and gravy, fresh tomatoes and cucumbers, corn on the cob, and tall glasses of iced tea. After dinner, the kids got in the back of DaddyWalt’s red pick-up and we headed about a mile down the road to the cousin’s house for a quick dip in the pool to wash away the dust of the day.

Ahhh… summertime in the country. There is just nothing else like it.

Tomorrow will be a full day of much of the same, and the day after that, and the day after that and the day after that. That’s how you pass the season in the South.

All for now- time to wind myself down for the evening with dry clothes and a nice book.

Hope you all have as wonderful a week as we will…