Well, our last soldier has fallen. King Pen fought the good fight, serving as the primary medic when I was sick, and now he has contracted the Mystery Fever Disease also. Two weeks now we’ve engaged the enemy! It’s worked it’s way through the ranks, wreaking havoc and mayhem. It’s actually quite dreadful. I was in a lot of pain as I fought my own personal battle, so I feel sorry for KP now. It’s been 6 days since I first came down with it, and I STILL have soreness in the lymph nodes in my neck, and my throat!

Anyway, he’s home from work, and I will be tending to him and the kids, so blogging may be sparse for a day or two. -sniff- You must go on without me. Go, I say! I’ll only slow you down! That’s an order, soldier! Don’t look back.


(It occurs to me that I may be a bit melodramatic.)