7 a.m. Awake with the kids, and nausea is gone, thank the heavens. I have tightness in my left shoulder which is causing a slight headache, but it’s not bad. I think after I rehydrate, it will diminish some. Besides that, I feel good! Not hungry, which is nice. You would think that with every missed meal, the hunger would get worse and worse, but it doesn’t. It actually starts to diminish after that first day. Anyway, I’m drinking some water, and in a little bit I’ll hit the juice. My mouth feels funky. I’ve brushed and flossed and rinsed and it’s still feeling gross, so I must be detoxing. At this point, people who used to smoke say they taste nicotine sometimes. Ew. Anyway, that’s my state this morning. Looking forward to today- I think the worst is behind me (hopefully!).

11:15 a.m. Had to make a run to the grocery store for the next week, and that was brutal. Arrgghh!! There were free samples every where I looked, and the smell of fresh bread wafted from the bakery. Agony!! My shoulders are tight, dull headache, and I’m wiped out. Luckily, we planned on doing nothing today, so that suits my energy level. Gonna juice now, and rest some.

6:30 p.m. After much up and down discussion, we decide to break the fast. We had originally intended to go for three days, but hated the idea of being so zonked out on a Sunday. Sundays are hard enough to wrangle, with getting the kids to church and all. It would have been a pretty miserable day, and it seemed best to shorten our original goal. So, we had a light soup, and revelled in the deliciousness! We slept great last night, and woke up this morning recharged. I feel terrific! I’m really glad we did it, but glad also that it’s over.

Okay, all for now. More later!