Hello, Thursday! You’re right on time. Where’s Friday? Oh, right behind you? I swear, Friday is the slow-poke of the pack. Come on, already! Get the lead out, Fman!

So. Lost last night. Who saw it? Did it rock, or what?? And now, we must endure an entire summer of wandering what the heck is going on. Again. Oh, Lost. The way you string me along is shameless.

Not much else going on today, just the regular stuff. I am not sure what our plans for Memorial Day weekend are. We thought about driving up to Chattanooga and going to the Aquarium, but then I looked up ticket prices and GOOD GRIEF! Life’s too expensive! We are just not at that point where we can drop a hundred dollars for an afternoon stroll through a fish tank, thank you very much. One day, yes. But till then, we’ll just look up pictures of fish on the internet. (Awww, how sad does that sound?) Seriously, though. I want to be able to do things like that when we have the money for it, it’s not that I’m cheap. But sakes alive. Do I have to sell a kidney to take the fam on a little vacation? Right now, a hundred dollars might as well be a thousand. And since we are trying to get into a house, we’ve got to keep a careful watch on our money. So, no trips to see the fishies.

I have been thinking about using the four day weekend to do another fast. It’s been a while since I did one, and I think I’m due. It’s not an entirely pleasant experience though, and I do hate wasting precious vacation days on something so unfun. If I decide to do it, I’ll blog it again like I did last time.

Well, I should get. Kids need dressing, dishes need rinsing, and babies need snuggling. Have a happy day, everybody! See ya on the morrow.