Good morning, sunshines! How are we, today?

I am up and ready to get going. So far on this (mostly) childless weekend, I have sewn curtains, halfway recovered the rocking chair pads, reorganized the boy’s room and their clothes, and picked up fabric for the new sling. Today, I will buy some paint to do touch-ups on our walls, sew a sling, finish the rocking chair, drop off some stuff at the goodwill, hit the library, go for a run, cook something yummy and adultish for dinner tonight, and catch the season finale of Heroes. It will be lovely.

I enjoy productive weekends, which is a new development that came along with having kids. Before then, my main goal for a weekend was sleeping as late as possible and uh… yeah, that was basically it. Now, those rare weekends sans the kiddos are glorious, blank days to accomplish stuff. I remember once upon a childless time, thinking that people who spent their weekends so busy were crazy. Relax, I’d think. Chill, baby. But now I get it. I soooo get it. I’m like a madwoman with a to-do list. Watch out. You could get splattered with paint.


At church yesterday, I recieved several comments like, “Oh, you look nice and fresh today!” While I appreciated the positive remark, it did make me wonder in just what condition I’ve been dragging myself around lately. Scary! But it’s true, I did feel refreshed. We had a church picnic, and I got to sit with the ladies and chat AND make my own plate and eat the whole thing (no sharing!). This is quite the treat, trust me!

Well my little dumplings, I must go. I have lots on the agenda today, and I should get started. Hope you all have a wonderful, productive Monday!