Well, howdy do, everybody! How’s it going this Thursday morning? Hard to believe it’s Thursday already. Another week, come and gone. Wowza.

There’s a guy here working on our sink today, and it’s awkward. He’s going to be here for a few hours, and I think we’re gonna try to get out of here as soon as Chipmunk wakes from his nap. It’s just weird to have a stranger in your house all day long. I feel like he’s trying to read over my shoulder every time he walks by. Like he knows I’m blogging about him. Spooky.

Oh, okay, it’s not really spooky. I’m just trying to create drama in my exceedingly undramatic day. Let me have my moment.

As an aside, why must my child come stand right beside me to toot? Seriously. Just a few feet over that a-way would be much better. Personal space, children. Personal space.

Speaking of the kids- they are going to my mom’s house this weekend, did I mention that? Saturday. I. Am. Thrilled. I have about a two month threshold, and then I need a babysitter something fierce. If we lived near family, it would be different. I would have the occasional hour here or there to drop them off at Grandma’s, and I’d be able to decompress more often. But that’s a luxury I don’t have (yet). So it accumulates until I am ready to FedEx my children to the nearest family member. Luckily, there are plenty of people willing to sign for them. Ha.

So this weekend, I plan to steam clean my carpet, touch up the paint in a few rooms, sew a new sling, frame some pictures, drink margaritas, curse, watch rated R movies, and walk around without a bra on. Whoohoo!! It’s a no-kid zone for three whole days. Well, except for Chipmunk. But he’s so little, he won’t remember anything from the “Mom Gone Wild” weekend. Sweet.

Well that’s all for now. I think I hear the baby crying, so that means we can get out of the handyman’s way. I bet I come back and he’s trying to check my email, though. I tell ya, the man is nosy. But he fixes a mean pipe.

Peace out.