This time last year, we were packing boxes and King Pen was finishing up finals. We were at the conclusion of five years in school, and getting ready to make the first move in his career. We weren’t all that sad to be leaving Baton Rouge- King Pen’s friends were all moving on, and I didn’t have all that many to begin with. I knew I would miss Debby, but other than her, I didn’t have many close relationships outside of family.

When we moved to Birmingham, I was ready for change, not only in scenery, but also in my social habits. I am so weird when it comes to meeting people. Once I get warmed up, I can be myself and I’m pretty outgoing, but it takes me forever to feel comfortable enough to do that. If I become friends with someone, it’s usually because they pursue it more diligently than me. That’s a sad admission. It means I’ve been too lazy or too busy or too unwilling to go outside my comfort-zone to make meaningful connections with people. That’s a lonely way to live- and I think God wants more for us. I didn’t want that trend to continue in my life. So coming here, I began to pray that God would make me better friend material, and that He would send a woman along that needed a friend as much as I did.

And instead, He sent dozens. Okay, maybe dozens is a bit of an exaggeration. But a lot. Driving home from a baby shower last night, I realized how fortunate I am. I spent a terrific evening with a roomful of women that I really like. They are warm and genuine, and fun! I think you are lucky if you find one or two people like that in your life, but I’ve stumbled upon a whole slew of them. I’ve never felt so comfortable with so many women in my life, aside from family. There are friends to be made here, lifelong, heart-true friends.

God answered my prayer, tenfold. The gift of friendship is enough to be thankful for, but I also had the joy of realizing that I have a God who cares. He cares, He provides, He listens.