Hullo Saturday! You’re stunning today. Seriously. That breeze? That golden sun? Have you been working out or something? You’re fabulous.

It’s been a productive morning so far. I’ve gotten the kids’ bathroom cleaned, the kitchen, and made a start on the laundry. Still to do is my bathroom and bedroom, a trip to the library, and a quick run in there somewhere.

The door to our deck is open, and the scent of honeysuckle is wafting in. Aaaah. There is no sweeter air freshener than that.

Today, Chipmunk is two months old. In celebration, I have been replaying the day of his birth over in my head. The memory is still clear, and amazing. I count my blessings today. Four! I still can’t believe I gave birth to four children.

That’s all. Must don the rubber gloves again and get to work.