If you haven’t noticed recently, the Sift has been kinda quiet. I’ve been a bit preoccupied with other things, namely, some research on buying a home. Our lease is up June 31 in our apartment, and we have been weighing our options before resigning it. We’ve never seriously considered anything but renting before. With King Pen in school, it just wasn’t going to happen back then. And last year when he graduated, we had no start-up money for anything and credit that was slightly tarnished, so it was still not on the radar. But now, things are a little better, and we thought, well, let’s just see. We had no idea where we stood at all. So, a few inquiries later, and now we know. (It sure pays to have a friend in the mortgage lending business– thank you Christin!) Anyway, the conclusion is that we’re almost ready. Yay! We’ve got a six month plan that I think will land us in our first house by the end of December. I know that’s probably a horrible time to try to move, but that’s the way it looks. I’ll admit, I’d love to move right this minute- who wouldn’t? But I’m cool with it. I want to do it the right way, be totally prepared and not in over our heads, and we need the next six months to get that way.

This is big. Really, really big. I don’t even know how to say it better than that. We’ve worked hard, especially in the last five years. We hoped that life would be better one day, but we didn’t want to put too many specifics on it. Our goals have been abstract, distant, a little fuzzy. And suddenly, one of those dreams is clearer than ever before. I am as excited about taking purposeful, substantial steps towards it as I will be to turn the key in the door the first time. This is really gonna happen, to us. You have no idea what a joy it is to believe that all our hardwork was worth it, that the road we took was the right one. There has always been that tiny seedling of doubt (okay, occasionally, a huge womping WEED of doubt), that maybe all we’d done was make things even worse. But then, we come around that first bend, and there is something good off in the distance… and we can see it, almost touch it. And we know we’ve come the right way after all.

Anyway, I just wanted to let you know what was what. And also give you-my dearest friends and family, an explanation as to why you will probably only be getting a card on your birthday this year. And a homemade Christmas gift. We’re buckling down, tightening the belt, and getting ourselves into a house for the holidays. You can come over for hot cider to celebrate. Heck, let’s have some buttered rum instead! “Tis the season for rejoicing.