Oh Friday… where have you been all week? Well, never mind. You’re here now, and that’s all that matters. Come here, lemme give you a big old hug!

It’s shaping up to be a beautiful day outside. Sunny, with a crisp breeze- a perfect, mild Spring day. Love it. It means the kids can play outside- whoohoo! And it also means a pleasant run this afternoon for me. I went for the first time on Tuesday- I ran a mile and a half, and walked a mile and a half. It was good, but also depressing in a way. My hips were killing me for two days afterwards, just a physical reminder of how much work I have to do! I was running over three miles three or four times a week before I got pregnant. -Sigh- I wonder how long it will take to work back up to that. Also, changing my eating habits is no fun. It’s like any addiction, I guess. I reach for a snack when I’m stressed, which is bad, bad, bad. Because having four small kids means stress on a fairly consistent basis. Not that I’m complaining. I’m just saying… the kitchen is right there, and it’s a quick fix. Ergh. But, is self-discipline easy for anybody? I think everybody probably has an area in their life that they struggle with their willpower. Temptation comes in many forms. Mine happens to come candy-coated with peanuts inside! Anyway– I am looking forward to running again today, and that’s a good sign. Positivity. Moving in the right direction. Ya know, maybe I should just hang my swimsuit up on the wall to motivate myself… put a little fear into me. Nothing like exposing ourselves to the world to whip a girl into shape. I find the threat of people pointing and laughing to be a powerful encouragement to drop that snicker’s bar.

Let’s see, what else can I ramble about this morning? How about the fact that I have become really good friends with my next door neighbor, but for the life of me, can’t remember her name! Crap! We hang out almost every other day, watching our kids play together, and have had extensive conversations about life, our families, etc… She’s from Peru and has great kids and is super nice, and now I’m sunk because I can’t call her by name. Doh. It’s too late now- we’re way past the point when I can say, “And what was your name again?”. We’re practically best friends, with the bracelets and everything. She even asked me to be her children’s godmother… okay, it’s not that serious, but still. There’s no going back now. I can’t even be sly about it and ask somebody else, because nobody else is around! Just me and her. This has gone on for weeks now. But ya know, she hasn’t called me by my name, either- so maybe she’s forgotten as well. Hey, maybe that means we’re a perfect match! This could be the start to a beautiful relationship. One where we always have to say, “Oh, girl” this and “Oh girl” that, when addressing each other. But still.

Well, I have to get to the rest of my day… hope you all have a nice weekend!