So I’m on my own today and tomorrow with the kids. Shhh- don’t tell them how vastly they outnumber me.

King Pen is going out of town to a preparation class for the Landscape Architect liscensing test. He can’t take the actual test yet, but this is a good opportunity to learn what’s on it so he can start studying. Oh, and there’s a crawfish boil. I think that sealed the deal for him. Anyway, I will by flying solo until tomorrow night, when my sister Britt and my grandmother get here. Britt is our resident fashionista and hairstylist, and she’s giving me a new ‘do. I’m cutting off the 8 inches for Pantene’s wig program, and the rest is mine to keep. I don’t know what kind of cut I’ll end up with, but I’m excited about the change. Plus, the Chipmunk keeps grabbing fistfuls of it and hanging on for dear life, so hasta la vista, baby. It’s gone.

Speaking of my little guy- he’s sick. We’ve all had colds for the last week or so, and he’s picked it up. Drat it. I’m doing all I can for him, and I’ve talked to the pediatrician because he’s running a low-grade fever. I am keeping a close eye on him, and I’ll definitely take him in if he needs to get checked out. HeroBoy was about this age when he got RSV and had to be hospitalized. That was a scary time that I don’t care to repeat! I hate it when babies are sick. They don’t understand why you can’t make it better, and you feel like such a heel.

What else is up today? It’s Friday the 13th, yeah? Spoooooky.

And that’s about all I have for ya. The well is a bit dry at the moment… I’ll pop back on later if inspiration hits. Hope you all have a great weekend.